02 August 2011

Day 13

For those of you paying attention to the little details, you probably realized that I didn't post yesterday. The truck driver didn't arrive with enough daylight left to unload the steel yesterday, so we had to wait until today. First, though, Brock and his dad, Alan, made use of the lift to bolt in a few of the cross-beams that will eventually support our bedroom and office floors.

When I stopped by this afternoon, the truck driver was already there, waiting for the crane operator who wasn't scheduled to arrive until the afternoon. I checked out the loot...
Roof panels
...and then Brock gave us a ride on the lift. I took some pictures from a different angle, and got a little nostalgic remembering what our view looked like before the warehouse went up. 

Looking out bedroom window
View from office

Rooftop view over warehouse

Well, maybe a rooftop deck is in our future...

Anyway, the crane operator and Mark showed up at 3:30 and they got to work. It took four hours to unload it all.
Red R-panel siding
Gutters, trim, and downspouts 
Lots of pieces
Long day!

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