23 July 2011

More steel trouble

It's been a while since I've posted, because mostly we've been doing a lot of waiting around this week. Then things got stressful when the erecting crew called on Thursday to say they were behind schedule and wouldn't make it out to our place on Monday as planned. Since Rigid is delivering the next shipment of steel on August 3, we don't really have a lot of time to stall around. We're going to run out of space to store the steel if the first batch doesn't turn into a house pretty soon. So Brock scrambled around all day Friday and found a crane operator and some free-lance steel workers who have agreed to start the job on Monday morning. 

In other news, the plumber did the plumbing for the water entry into the house and the sewer vent this past week,  and that passed inspection. That doesn't really make for exciting pictures, though, so I left them out. Oh, and the port-a-potty got cleaned. Yippee.

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