08 July 2011

Day 7

We've come a long way in seven days! Today the concrete forms came down, and wow...it's really starting to look like a house! Now you can see my practice room windows as well as the doors. The tar line shows where the dirt will be pushed back into place.

Brock scored another victory this afternoon in the smooth-talking department. He's been going back and forth between the bank and Rigid Buildings, trying to negotiate a compromise. See, Rigid is delivering the pre-manufactured  steel structure on Monday, and they require a COD before they offload the steel. However, the bank doesn't allow us to make a draw on our construction loan until the work is completed. In other words, the  bank won't release the funds until the structure is constructed, but Rigid won't let us construct it until we give them the funds. A conundrum. 

Rigid had compromised for us by agreeing to split the steel into two deliveries in order to lower the price of our initial COD, but that was still going to require us to shell out a lot of money without the help of our construction loan. Then today, at the eleventh hour, Linda at the bank surprised us by showing sympathy to our plight. She told Brock that, although her boss was on vacation, and there was no one to authorize it, she was just going to order a check for us anyway. We raced over and picked it up before she could change her mind. 

We're ready for you, Rigid!

Have a good weekend, but check in tomorrow...we might finally get some house plans up on the blog.

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  1. Sweet basement,it sure went up fast! I think the templates that Brock made for the anchor bolts will be a real times saver for the steel erectors.