07 July 2011

Day 6

The foundation has been poured! Today was blazing hot- sunny and well into the 90s with high humidity- but the pump truck showed up after lunch, and six cement trucks arrived shortly thereafter.

To give you a general idea of how this all works, the pump truck pumps the cement up the long arm, and the operator maneuvers the boom around, and guides the cement down the tube. Then the worker on the ground directs the tube into the form, until the form is filled with cement. 
Cement truck and pump truck getting ready for action
Pump truck stretching out its arm
Worker guiding the tube into the forms
Filled forms
Completed job
Brock was there most of the day to oversee the whole operation, but before he arrived, the workers prepared the forms and wired the anchor bolts to the re-bar. The other day, Brock made some spacing templates for the anchor bolts, which you can see in some of the previous pictures. Here they are up close:
Anchor bolt spacing templates
Templates with anchor bolts
An aside, this morning before they poured the cement, the foreman told Brock that they had misread the plans, and framed out the basement door at seven feet instead of eight. It would be nice for Brock to be able to walk into his own house without ever hitting his head on the door frame, so he had them re-frame it. A lucky catch. 

More tomorrow!

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