30 April 2012

Day 149

Today: progress! The gas and electric crew was there all day today, as well as Sam the excavator for the water and sewer. 

First, gas and electric lines leading from the house had to be buried:
Burying gas and electric lines
Then they used a directional drilling machine to push sections of pipe underground. The pipe had to cross under the neighbors' driveways alongside the road in order to reach the nearest electrical connection at the corner of the first cross street. From there, it gets complicated, but basically, they are able to connect us to electricity 300 feet away from our house without tearing up the neighbors' yards too much. 
Checking out the directional driller
Peering into the hole
Gas and electric connections
Sewer pipe and a load of stone arriving
Water guy dumping the stone
Sam the excavator cleared a path to the manhole cover, and then had to call a county representative to come out to evaluate an unexpected situation. The county will have to return later to make modifications, but this should have little impact our project.

Brock finished preparing the wood for the stairs today. He also did a lot of tidying up, including chipping concrete off of the exposed beam in the loft, and moving appliances into place. 
Washer and dryer
Mark grouted tile, and spent time on the phone trying to locate the electrician who wasn't there today.

When I arrived this afternoon, the driveway was still blocked by trucks and equipment, so I had to park at the warehouse and walk up the hill. I hadn't seen the house from that angle before, so I took a picture: 

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