24 April 2012

Day 146

Brock spent the first part of the morning on the roof installing boots on the vents.
Roof vent boot
Then, on to working on stair treads. The wood from the salvage shop seems to have been in a fire at some point, since the surface was slightly charred. There were also nails in the beams that had to be removed. Based on the look of the nails, we're estimating that the wood is about a hundred years old.
Charred fir- before
Brock used a power planer to remove the surface.
Brock using the power planer
Beams with char and nails removed
Sam the excavator was back again today. There was some song and dance about how difficult the job was, and how someone from the county hadn't done his job properly, etc., etc. The long and short of it is that nothing really happened today, but that the kids were thrilled to see what had taken up residence in our backyard:
Kids and a backhoe

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