16 April 2012

Day 140

Brock and Mark installed the ovens this morning. It seems like a simple enough task, but there were a lot of modifications involved. 

Next up...completing the kitchen island. Over the weekend, Brock purchased some plywood which he set on top of the cabinets to create a base upon which the counter tops will sit. This serves a dual purpose: 1. it supports the concrete, and 2. it gives us a surface that functions as a counter top in case we haven't poured the concrete by the time we (cross your fingers) move in at the end of the month. He also finished the base cabinets for the dishwasher (in the island), kegorator, and wine fridge (on the right, below glass-front cabinets)
Ovens and island
Mark worked on the tiling around the tub in the master bathroom, as well as the wall tile in the kids' bathroom. He took a break to offer some advice on microwave installation. 
Cutting a vent hole for the microwave
Second attempt using an angle grinder
Once the vent was in, he had to call it a day, because it was time for tee-ball practice.

Over the weekend,  Brock nearly completed the wiring for the home theater. Here's the view from the loft...
Stereo cabinet and speakers 
...and here's the view from inside the closet behind the loft:
Back of the stereo cabinet and home theater interface
I purchased lighting for six rooms, the stairwell, and first floor hallway today. Initially I thought I wasn't crazy about Ikea's selection in the lighting department, until I started looking around and pricing out options from other companies. Suddenly I became crazy about Ikea's lighting. This is one of my favorites:
Baby's bedroom light


  1. I'm ALL about that light. Has she seen it yet?

  2. I think I'll hold off showing it to her until it's safely hanging, well out of her reach! Glad you like it! When are you coming by for a tour? We'd love to show you around!