27 March 2012

Day 130

Mark worked on window sills and more trim today. 
Living room window sills
Here's another window sill, and a closet door:
Bedroom closet and window sill
The pantry and Brock's office both have pocket doors. Below is a picture of the pantry. The refrigerator will go in that big gap on the right, and there are still cabinet doors and trim that need to be installed, too.
Pantry pocket door
I got to the house just after lunch, and started working on staining the floor on the main level. I found it to be a little more difficult than Brock had described, because scrubbing up joint compound with the brush, and scraping up glue with the metal scraper was time-consuming and labor-intensive. Once Brock arrived, the process went a lot faster, because one of us could spray the water and iron mixture while the other one scrubbed. You can guess from this picture who did most of the scrubbing and scraping: 
Brock, working away
It's difficult to gauge how it's going while in the middle of it, because as you can see from the picture, the iron  looks gray when it's wet. It's only after it completely dries that it takes on that muddy look from the picture yesterday. But it went well, and we were able to complete round one of the process. That is, except for the three spots where the temporary stairs touch the floor. No way to get around that right now; hopefully when they come down, we'll be able to fill in the gaps. Anyway, tomorrow we'll start applying the charcoal. 

The water and sewer connection guy came by today to assess the job. In case I didn't mention it before, all the water for staining the floors had to be brought over to the house in buckets.

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