23 March 2012

Day 128

Cabinets again. Brock finished all of the trim work, then started on drawers and cabinet doors. That's the island in the foreground, minus the dishwasher and sink. 
Mark spent the day working on trim. He gave us two choices of how we wanted the trim to line up, and we chose the option on the left: 
Sample trim ideas
Framed doorway
All the window sills are now cut up and ready for installation:
Window sill
It seems that the painter is waiting on us to finish the floors. Hopefully we'll find some time this weekend to continue that project. In the meantime, we had a setback; the new sealer that Brock bought bubbled up and made the floor grainy in the loft area. So now we have to try to sand it down and re-seal it, using the original sealer, which seemed to work a lot better. 

Have a good weekend!

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