21 March 2012

Day 126

Today Brock hung all of the kitchen wall cabinets. He had planned on doing it yesterday, but it turned out that we still didn't have all of the right cabinet parts. So instead, he had to drive back to the store to sort out the mess. Back on track today, with positive results. In the end, I think we're going to be happy with these cabinets, despite all of this frustration.
Leveling the wall cabinets
I stained the floor in the loft this morning using the same solution that we used on the other rooms, but then Brock picked up a bag of iron sulfate, and I did a second round of staining with that. It's water soluble, whereas the first blend wasn't, and this time it gave us the brown color I was hoping for. 
New product
Loft floor
Tomorrow we'll seal it, and then maybe put a shiny finish on it as well. 

The remaining interior doors were delivered this morning. Mark will be in tomorrow to hang them, and supposedly the painter will be there, too.

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