16 March 2012

Day 124

Finally, another posting. Yesterday was supposed to be a really productive day, but it turned out to be a bust. We rented a rotary floor cleaner, but the engine blew up on us (literally, in a puff of smoke) only a few minutes into the job. So Brock brought it back to the rental company, and picked up a second machine. Same thing happened again, smoke and all. 

While all this excitement was going on, we were also waiting around for our cabinets, which again didn't arrive. Many phone calls later, they rescheduled the delivery, and the third time was the charm; the cabinets showed up this afternoon. Here's a picture of all the assembly work ahead of us: 
Cabinet delivery
Here's a close-up so you can see the cabinet color: 
Cabinet piece
Back to the floor cleaner: after some research last night, Brock determined that the extension cord from the generator might have been the cause of our problems. When he brought the second burned-out machine back to the rental company, they couldn't have been more friendly and understanding. They apologized (!?) and even offered to let us try a third machine, which Brock declined. Instead, he went back to the house and started scrubbing the floors by hand with a nylon brush. He finished cleaning the office and master bedroom, and started in with the floor staining. 
Master bedroom floor
One other piece of news: the front door finally has a handle. With this project, we have learned to appreciate the little details!

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