05 March 2012

Day 119

Drywall, again. They never made it by over the weekend, but when I arrived this afternoon, they were putting in what looked the last pieces in the kitchen. Everything else seemed to be complete. Next up is the finishing work- applying the joint compound and taping the seams. From the looks of it, they should be ready to start that tomorrow. 

Here's a view into the loft from the temporary stairs. Over on the left where you can see the scaffolding is where the stairs will eventually be. The door on the right leads down the hall to the master bedroom, bathroom, and closet (It looks really narrow, but that's just an illusion; it's normal door width).
Here are the workers putting in the final pieces of drywall in the kitchen. The ceiling and the duct work in the kitchen will remain exposed.
By the way, remember the mess the drywall delivery truck made of our driveway? We found out that it took a tow truck to get them back up the hill again, making that vehicle the third victim of the driveway of doom. 

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