16 January 2012

Day 98

Another cold day. Brock and Mark started in this morning with soffit trim and roof trim. It was time consuming, since the pieces had to be lifted into place for measuring and marking, before they could be cut, bent, and installed. These pieces are ten to twenty feet long, so they are a bit unwieldy, and the wind added yet another factor to the mix. 
Close-up of new roof trim
Installing inside corner trim
New outside corner trim installed
All the corner junctions had to be pop riveted. I found this demonstration of installing a pop rivet on youtube, which does a better job of explaining it than I could:

The plumbers pressurized the water system and the natural gas system. The inspector is coming by tomorrow to check out their work, so we'll keep our fingers crossed that all that extra time they took will pay off. 

The electrician finally returned today. Brock walked through the house with him, pointing out places for outlets, switches, and light placement. Not sure what happened after that, but there were definitely more wires by the end of the day.

Good news: the parts we were waiting for Rigid to ship arrived today. Now soffit installation can resume tomorrow. 

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