20 January 2012

Day 102

Back to work on gutters and trim today. Only one more section of gutter left to install before the roof and all the trim is complete...then on to gutter downspouts. 
Mark hanging a section of gutter
A close-up of a support they fashioned to reinforce the gutter
Completed roof trim
In preparation for the impending storm, they caulked around the drainage vent on the roof, to keep rain from getting in. 
Mark is a force to be reckoned with when wielding a caulk gun
Drainage vent
Mark finally got an answer from the door manufacturer, and supposedly the doors will be delivered next Friday. It seems there was some problem with the energy rating of the frosted glass on the front door (and even more of a problem with communicating that to us for three months), so frosted door glass is out, and, with any luck, we'll have doors by February.

Here's a picture of the roof at the end of the day:

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