07 December 2011

Days 73-74

Ok, here goes. It seems as if day 73 was on Monday, nothing happened yesterday (Tuesday), and today was day 74. On day 73, the half wall was fixed, as I mentioned yesterday, but they also fixed the doorways on the first floor, which were originally too low and too narrow. Today, the framers tackled the basement, but I didn't make it over there, so I'll keep it at that until I survey it for myself.

One of the metal fabricators that Brock had contacted went over to the site today to get some ideas for building the stairs. While he was there, he saw the stacks of siding, called Brock, and expressed an interest in putting up our siding as well. Up to this point, Mark hadn't been able to find anyone to put up the siding who could stay within our budget. This guy gave us a very reasonable quote, so he's our front-runner right now.

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