05 December 2011

Day 72

I didn't have time to get over to the site today, but both the HVAC duct work and the framing (including the basement) were supposedly finished today. I'll update tomorrow, and add pictures, once I get out there to confirm.

Other than that, Brock and I spent a lot of time on the internet yesterday looking at toilets. Folks, let me tell you, there are a lot of toilets out there. Choosing toilets is not really the most glamorous part of building a custom house, but a necessity nonetheless. And surprisingly (to me, anyway), there is a lot to be discussed on the matter, although, as with everything else for us, cost seems to dictate a lot of our decisions. I really wouldn't have guessed that there are $3,000 toilets out there, but since I'm not that interested in hand-painted designs on my commode, it didn't really bother me that we had to rule those out. We went with standard white, dual-flush, in a contemporary style for the master bath, and a more traditional for the kids' bathroom. 

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