29 November 2011

Day 68

Today Brock helped Mark build a temporary staircase for the HVAC and framing/drywall workers. It's not where the permanent staircase will be, but it does the job, and is safer than a ladder. They also built a railing around the staircase opening on the top floor to make OSHA happy.
Temporary staircase 
While we're on the topic of stairs...Brock called two metal fabricators today, and they'll be coming by this week to check out the house and give us an estimate on stairs. We're not exactly sure yet what we want the stairs to look like, but it'll most likely be some combination of metal and wood. 

When they were done with the staircase, they marked off the walls in the basement. I guess I forgot to mention that they only finished the top two floors yesterday, but they completed the job today. 

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