03 October 2011

Day 46

The roof is up! Brock and Mark installed the rest of roof this afternoon, after a morning of prep work. The final section of roof is a 12/4 pitch, meaning every twelve feet, there is four feet of elevation gain. The other sections of roof are 12/2, so the final section is twice as steep. What this translates to is a lot of dropped screws landing (very quickly) on the ground. Add to that, rain and slippery conditions, and today's roof installation was considerably more tricky than the first two.

If it didn't put me in contention for the Worst Parent of the Year Award, I'd tell you about how Little B spent his sick day out at the construction site. He performed like a champ, playing with his toys in the trailer, and napping obediently in the truck. Incidentally, I don't think he was really sick anyway; he just wanted more Children's Tylenol, which, apparently, is delicious. 

Interior shot of the three roof sections
And finally, look what was restored to its normal, upright position this morning. Yep, our street sign is back!
Safe and sound!

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