19 September 2011

Day 39

The truck from Rigid arrived early this morning with the shipment of all the replacement parts. The truck driver couldn't make it down the driveway, so Brock had to unload 600 lbs. of steel manually at the end of the driveway, and carry it piece by piece out to the house. 

In a side note, our street sign is now lying in a ditch by the side of the road. It seems to have fallen victim to a large vehicle, although there were no eyewitnesses that can attest to whether this was the work of our truck driver.

Once Mark arrived, they put in the new roof purlins and new roof cables, which helped square up the roof above our bedroom. Also included in the shipment were the window clips that were needed to install the window frames for the remaining two windows in the loft. Mark framed those out, which would have made a good picture, if I'd taken any.

A little more welding and bolting of random replacement parts, and they called it a day. 


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  2. That last comment was a mess. I'm trying again.

    What I meant to say was - Poor Brock. Can he even move after lugging all that stuff around? (And I'm too tired to figure out how to punctuate that properly. You'll just have to forgive me.)

  3. Hmm. I didn't even think to ask him. What kind of wife am I? I'll be sure to tell him that at least you were concerned about his well-being. He seemed fine to me...