15 August 2011

Day 21

Rain, rain, lots of rain. Brock and Mark spent the day bolting and welding under very soggy conditions. Mark assembled more wall sections, while Brock worked on fitting the floor pans into the foundation.

Eventually we're going to have four inch concrete floors, so in order to prepare for that, Brock is working on putting in a perimeter around the foundation to hold the cement. After each section of the perimeter is completed, he cuts the metal pans to fit inside the concrete forms, creating a sub-floor. Unless you look closely, this doesn't look much different than the initial pictures of the floor pans, but there's been a lot of work involved in fitting the pans around the corner beams and interior contours.
Preparing to weld in a section of the perimeter
Here you can see where Brock installed the perimeter and cut the floor pan to fit:

Here are some pictures from the end of the day:

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