11 July 2011

Day 8

 Here's what I saw when I arrived at the site this morning:
Our first shipment from Rigid Buildings showed up bright and early this morning, and Brock, Mark, and two guys from the erecting crew met the truck to offload 16 tons of steel. Yep, you read that correctly; that's 32,000 pounds of house.

You'd never think that two people could get so excited about a truckload of steel, but it was like Christmas to us. Maybe we'll get used to this over the next few months, but after so many years of delays, we can't believe it when things go as planned. Everything went off without a hitch today.

Brock and Mark guiding the beams
Basement supports in foreground with mezzanine beams above

Every beam is labeled for easy assembly. These are end columns.
Contemplating the next move

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