20 May 2011


Waiting on our building permits. The county has issued the grading permit, but not the building permits yet, despite the fact that they were supposed to be ready by today. Time is starting to get tight, since the steel structure should be here in a couple of weeks, and we need the foundation to be in place before that happens. A little stress there. There seems to be a pattern of the county hindering our progress...


  1. I just doubled your huge follower contingent!

  2. Yes, people are really flocking to our site now.

  3. I just increased it by 25%. Or is it 20%? Crap, I can't remember how to do math right now. Whatever - there were four followers and now there are five. Boo-yeah! (Although my computer must not want me to join because it just shut off mid-comment. Stupid computer.)