13 May 2011

Silt Fences, Engineering, and a Little Bean

Got a lot done today. We went out to the property where we met with Mark and the Sediment Control inspector from the county. The inspector took a look at our site development plan and the where-abouts of the proposed silt fences for managing sediment control, and gave us the go-ahead to proceed. Easy.

While we were out there, Brock dug a hole for the fence post for our sweet, new gate we bought yesterday. This would be a good place to insert a photo, but I forgot to bring the camera with us.

Next, we picked up the final engineering and dropped it off at the county, where they told us our permits might be ready by the end of next week.

Other things in the works: window schedule, bolt plan lay-out for the steel structure, and kitchen cabinet plans.

Oh, and the Little Bean:
That's our new little niece/nephew. Congratulations, guys!

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